The 11+ exam – What’s it all about?

In Ripon, we have two secondary schools, one of which is Ripon Grammar School. Ripon Grammar School is a selective school, which means all students undertake an ’11+’ exam to help the school select the top students in Ripon and in the surrounding North Yorkshire area. Students take the exam at the start of Year Six, and find out the results a few weeks later.

What does the 11+ exam involve?

There are two 11+ papers: the verbal reasoning test and the non-verbal reasoning test. Both are designed to test a child’s thinking skills, rather than their knowledge. The idea behind this is that it creates a more level playing field for the students, but in reality, parents who are serious about helping their children access a grammar school education often spend a lot of time and effort preparing their children for the tests.

When is the 11+ exam?

For students wishing to start Ripon Grammar School in September 2019, the Ripon selection tests will take place at the grammar school on Saturday, September 8th 2018 and Saturday, September 15th 2018.

All pupils must attend both days and will be tested on both verbal and non-verbal papers both times. The child’s best mark for each paper will be added together to form their final mark, which must be above the cut-off mark for that year group.

How can you best prepare for the 11+ exam?

Most students find their first few attempts at 11+ papers quite daunting, so the number one way to prepare for the exams is to practise as often as possible. Practice papers are available from shops such as WHSmith, and come with a set of answers to allow you to check your child’s score.

Many parents find it beneficial to hire a private 11+ tutor to help their child understand the techniques needed to pass the exams.

What are the advantages to a private tutor for the 11+?

  • Children benefit from expert knowledge of the techniques involved and how to use them.
  • 1:1 attention from a tutor meets the child’s unique needs and allows them to thrive.
  • Children avoid the distractions of the family home and work in a quiet and studious environment.
  • Tuition reduces tension between parents and children during 11+ preparation.
  • Busy parents can focus on enjoying time with their child, not focusing on exam preparation.
  • Children can feel confident in the knowledge they have prepared to the best of their ability.

How much will I pay for private 11+ tuition in Ripon?

At Ripon Tuition, a one-hour lesson tailored to your child’s needs will cost £30. A block of ten lessons can be prepaid in advance, and offers a 10% discount, at a total price of £270.

All students are entitled to a free no-obligation session to ensure we are the best fit to help your child prepare for their exams. To book a free trial lesson today, call Sam on 07476 177261 or email